Over my career, I have been fortunate enough to tell stories for individuals, NGO’S and multinational corporations. I’ve worked in more than 40 countries reporting on major conflicts, natural disasters and political change. Bringing all that experience home, to concentrate on working with people in their own environment, means I can help individuals tell their story and communicate an honest and open message...
— Paul Saxby, Photographer
Portrait Photographer Nottingham

Paul Saxby - Portrait Photographer

Paul Saxby

Paul has been taking photographs professionally longer than he cares to remember. He started shooting Tri-X for the local paper when he was still at school. More than thirty years later he shoots Fuji for some of the most respected corporate clients in the country.

Paul spent 5 years as Senior Photographer on the RAF Combat Camera Team. He has shot for most of the major Press publications in the UK. Concentrating his efforts working within the corporate sector, Paul now works with professionals including Lawyers, Estate Agents, Authors, Athletes and Musicians..

Working with Paul means access to a world of story-telling experience. Keeping it simple, with elegant lighting delivered with a delicate touch, mean images compliment the subject matter.

A 100% satisfaction promise with a no-quibble money-back guarantee means every business, no matter how small, can expect world class service.

Please feel free to contact Paul to discuss your project, check availability and book his services.